Why is Weight Loss So Difficult?

Most people struggle with weight loss.  Many try a variety of diet plans only to be left discouraged with their body.  Why is that?  Lets look at just a few of the reasons weight loss attempts lead so many to give up on their goals.

Fad diets: 

weight lossThe bottom line is that fad diets do not work and often pack on more pounds.  They may also claim that you need to make additional purchases such as overly priced and often unnecessary supplements.  There are critical components to a weight management plan but they are not found in a crazy diet plans such as one that may omit an entire food category, allow you to eat only specific food combinations or restrict you to rigid meal plans.

Lack of patience:

Everyone wants to lose weight fast.  Many think rapid weight loss is realistic.  It would be nice to see dramatic weight changes in the body in the first week or so after following a plan but this is not how the body works.  Rapid loss of weight is really water that was lost from muscle tissue.  Real weight loss is a slow and individualized process but there is a correct timeline.

weight lossSedentary lifestyle:

Most people do not achieve the recommended guidelines for exercise.  In addition, many are very inactive by spending too much time in front of the television, sitting for work or spending time on their cell phone.  A direct result of inactivity is weight gain.

Social gatherings:

Social gatherings are usually all about the food.  You may even decide to have an alcoholic beverage which results in even greater calorie intake. The alcohol may also inhibit your ability to say no when the dessert comes out.

Dining out:

With a busy lifestyle eating out has become a part of life.  It is very difficult not to eat too much when dining out.  Most restaurant choices are typically very high in calories and the portion sizes are often huge.

weight lossMindless eating:

Too often we find ourselves multitasking while eating.  We eat while we drive, eat while we check our email, eat while we watch television or maybe even while running around the house in the morning getting ready for work.  This leaves us out of touch with feelings of fullness.

There are many more reasons why people struggle with weight loss.  A Nutritionist who specializes in weight management will help sort out issues you may have that are preventing you from the weight loss you seek.