Innovative Health Nutrition and Fitness, PC specializes in weight management and wellness utilizing the following modalities:

Nutrition Counseling

A registered dietitian-nutritionist will evaluate your current eating habits and lifestyle factors to determine your nutrition needs while considering age, activity level and health status through client centered nutritional counseling sessions. A registered dietitian-nutritionist is qualified to provide medical nutrition therapy to assist in disease management. Treatment is based on nutrition assessment, nutrition diagnosis, blood laboratory results, anthropometric measurements (body measurements), implementation of nutrition interventions and evaluation of progress. A registered dietitian-nutritionist will empower you with skills to adopt healthful dietary habits that facilitate success.

Health Coaching

A certified health coach is a behavioral change agent with a primary focus on aiding you in healthy living especially with regard to weight management. A health coach has an understanding of the emotional, physical, behavioral and lifestyle factors that enable you to experience success. A health coach combines the science of fitness and weight management with the art of coaching to facilitate behavior change. A health coach is an active partner who guides you towards healthy lifestyle choices. A certified health coach will inspire, motivate and encourage you along a path of lifelong weight management and wellness.

Exercise Program Design

A certified personal fitness trainer will assess your current fitness status and body composition. A personal trainer will develop and implement an exercise program that is safe, effective and appropriate based on your age and current fitness status. You will be taught correct exercise methods and progression through demonstration, and you will adopt healthful exercise behaviors. A certified personal trainer will help you achieve success with your fitness and weight management goals.