telehealth - Karen SimpsonDid you know that you can get nutrition counseling during a virtual session in the comfort of  your own home? Telehealth a service I have made available to meet the needs of those who do not want to leave their home. Many people also find that virtual counseling is not only convenient, but a more efficient means of receiving information as well.

Telehealth is a method of conducting appointments using electronic and telecommunication  technology such as video conferencing to provide health care services. You can enjoy nutrition  counseling sessions in a remote location. Telehealth provides you with an opportunity to have  access to a comprehensive nutrition care process that enables you to reach goals.

Most health insurance plans cover Telehealth counseling as long as it is done through a HIPAA compliant process. I now offer my full range of nutrition counseling services through such a compliant platform.

With this service you will be empowered to reach your goals even when you are unable or unwilling to attend in-office consultations. Every journey begins with the first step.

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