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Health and Weight Management During Menopause

The hormonal changes of menopause can result in mood swings, urinary incontinence, hot flashes and osteoporosis.  It can also lead to weight gain.  Excess body weight can result in cardiovascular disease, breathing problems, type 2 diabetes, and cancer such as breast, colon and endometrial cancer.  However, being attentive to healthy eating and exercise behaviors will help prevent what many women struggle with. Continue reading

Hints to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are a wonderful time to gather with friends and family.  However, gatherings often lead to unwanted pounds.  How will you handle the challenge the holiday season brings with a hectic schedule and endless choices of high calorie foods?  The good news is that there are strategies that can help to control stress and keep your weight on track. Continue reading

Bone Health

healthy bonesHealthy bones are an important part of good health since the skeleton is the frame of our bodies and the calcium in our bones acts as a reserve for vital functions.  Women over fifty years of age are at the highest risk for a broken bone due to osteoporosis which is characterized by low bone mass and reduced bone strength.  Osteoporosis is known as the “silent disease” because many do not known they have the condition unless they have a bone density test or suffer from a fracture.  Genetic factors play a major role in the risk of osteoporosis.  The most controllable risk factors that effect bone mass are exercise, calcium and vitamin D.  This article will focus on nutrition for bone health. Continue reading

Fat Loss and Spot Reduction

body fatSpot reduction is the attempt to lose body fat from a specific area of the body by doing exercises that target the area of interest.  Although exercises performed for a particular body part will result in an increase in strength in that area, it is not possible to target fat loss to one specific location.  Another misconception is that you can turn body fat into muscle.  Muscle and fat are two different types of tissues and you can not turn one into the other.  Participation in an appropriate weight management program will result in a decrease in subcutaneous body fat and an increase in muscle tissue.  An acceptable range of body fat is 14-24% for men and 21-31% for women. Continue reading

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet fad has been around since 1975 and became popular again in 1985 and 2002. This diet is also called the Paleolithic diet, the stone age diet and the caveman diet. During the Paleolithic era (a time that ended about 12,000 years ago) the only foods that were available were those that can be hunted, fished or gathered; meat, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits and berries. Continue reading

Getting In Shape After Pregnancy

If you are pregnant you may be wondering how it is possible getting in shape after pregnancy is  over especially if you gained more than what was recommended. This can lead to feelings of discouragement as pregnancy continues but there are things you can do to facilitate post-partum weight loss. Continue reading

Is Sitting the New Smoking?

We all know that smoking can result in an increased risk of disease such as cancer and heart disease but did you know that sitting for too much time can also have a profound effect on your health?  Sitting can result in not only postural changes but an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Continue reading